” Alone VII” by suraj1007

Well I am making an exception to “Alone” series smile emoticon the colors came so beautiful had to keep the image in color 🙂

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Desert Chess by eyeofalens

Desert Chess

I nearly missed this opportunity, as I was half way up a dune behind where I’ve captured this from & then saw the sun making a small break through the clouds. So quickly running or scampering back down to here .As it all happen so fast this compostion with the playa could have been better, I should have been back a little further to get all of it in ( which I did afterwards ) but the best of the sun had gone, I have one or two more with a smaller sunstar, but think I prefer this one for now.
I was also torn between running back here or running up the dune, but think I wouldn’t have made it in time for the sun making it’s break.

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Structures by Pcoskun

Going back through this years portfolio and thought I would open this one up to process. I have always been attracted to golden lit dunes, so when I made a short detour to the dunes in death valley earlier this year I knew what I had in mind. I typically dislike wind a great deal, especially if I am out photographing. However, this is one of those places where blowing winds can really create some dynamic conditions. It was actually very very calm on this evening, not the slightest bit of wind, which I was still ok with as it left beautiful textures on the dunes. I really wanted to emphasize the light on the dunes, so I pushed the contrast up quite a bit here. I ended up enjoying the end result here, but going through this portfolio of sand dunes has given me many more ideas to execute more images from this incredible place.

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Photographer’s Light by tadingle

My best friend in the world getting the shot in the distance at the Mesquite Dunes of Death Valley National Park. The sky is literally on fire as it prepares to unleash hell down onto the desert floor below.

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Curvy Ripples of Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, DVNP by PatrickMarsonOng

Death Valley National Park, third location in our itinerary, a 200 miles drive down South of the amazing Mono Lake.
That sucky feeling where exhaustion and fatigue kicks in during the first few days of your trip and what made it worst, it’s accompanied by extreme coughs and colds! Ha bummer! The reason behind it? Our foolishness of spending 2 nights in Yosemite’s unheated tents!! !@#$%!!!! Lesson learned!

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, a definite must see place in DVNP. Dunes can get as high as 100 feet and it’s way bigger than what they seem! Lol! It’s constantly changing landscape that gets more interesting on different light conditions. Gets tricky tho as you need to hike in to the middle part of the dunes to escape those footprints.

Got an amazing tip from buddy Paul (owe you big time man!). Take it during sunrise, stop a few km before the parking area and walk into the dunes from there. Fewer footprints and the dunes are half the size so it’s easier. Well, it’s easy if your not sick at all :-((. I was already feeling dizzy halfway in and the continuous hike up and down on soft sand, took 3x the effort!! Not good, not good at all. So I told myself enough for that day since we still have the next day’s sunrise. Took a couple of shots on twilight and golden hour, then hiked back at a slower pace. Barely made it but happy with what I got. Woooot! For the love of this hobby! Hope you enjoy this image! Cheers!

***Best viewed on black***

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Nuclear Dunes by dthompson

By far the best light I’ve seen on these dunes. This was a last minute decision to shoot here. I had plans to drive to Lone Pine and shoot Alabama Hills, but with horrible planning, and a late start from Vegas, I ended up here instead. Definitely wasn’t expect this! Such a great surprise. And the crazy thing about this evening, was I only saw one other person on this evening. I had the whole place to myself. 🙂

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