EL BOLAO by raquel_de_castro

De vez en cuando muestro orgullosa los maravillosos rincones de mi tierruca.
Un lugar con un encanto especial, no perderse el sendero que transcurre por este tramo de costa, singularmente bello.Espero que os guste.
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Burning sky… by jean-soula

Playa de la Arnia, Cantabria…
Naturavista workshop, October 2015

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Flooding by guerelsahin

sunset at zumaia, basque country, spain.
had a great time with johannes nollmeyer in spain.
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Somocueva smoothness by giuseppechiauzzi

Hold your breath and enjoy the lanscape 😉
Many thanks to my friend Valter (https://500px.com/volpy) who shared this adventure in Spanish lands;)
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