Church on the Perch by hpd_fotografy

One of the many churches perched on the edge of the cliff in Santorini, Greece.

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Sanctuary of Blue by 500V4

I took this photo on the edge of the roof top of this Orthodox church with a commanding view of the volcanic caldera below. The islands are in fact the remaining rim of the volcano’s rim. Although at present dormant, Santorini has been active several times in historic time. Since its last major explosive eruption (at about 1645 BC) numerous minor and medium-sized, mainly effusive eruptions have occurred. This activity built the dark-colored islands of Nea and Palea Kameni inside the caldera. Their first appearance was witnessed and reported by Greek and Roman writers. The last eruption on Nea Kameni occurred in 1950. At present, Santorini is dormant, and volcanism manifests as fumarolic activity and hot springs around the islands.

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Colorful Santorini by GeorgePapapostolou

Sunset moment in Colorful Oia village in Santorini island Greece

George Papapostolou PhotographeR 2015 © |

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Oia by miguelangelmartin