The Twilight by myst1cal

The Twilight

*Please view this one in a dark environment*

I took this on one of my most favorite locations ever.. The French Alps.

About the shot… it’s a blend of about 3 shots. One before twilight to show you some stars. And the other one’s some minutes later..

Hope you guys enjoy this scene as much as I do.
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Soms Island by allan_38

It’s an island cloud in Massif de Chartreuse, french alps, the name of the mountains are “Grand Som” and ” Petit Som”

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Trois Cornes by StefanHefele

“Trois Cornes” – Haute Savoie – French Alps

Fantasy or reality? At some places these opposites blurs. Unless you witnessed the magic with your own eyes.

The benefits of recent years in 160 seconds:
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