Rosy Hill by martas

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Autumn at Lilienstein by tomvoc

Lilienstein is a table mountain in the Saxon Switzerland (Saxony, southeastern Germany). November 2015.

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Leaving In Solitude by MarcoHeisler

Alone in this place, above and beyond all problems, to witness this colorful sunset, was one of the most beautiful and inspiring moments I can remember.
The Saxon Switzerland – a wonderful place to hike and witness the beauty of nature in all aspects.
Have a great sunday all!

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Golden autumn by Rericha

Photos from Saxon Switzerland. | My FB Page

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Country road by tomvoc

Family walking down the country road in the middle of the fields. Germany, Saxon Switzerland near Halbestadt, October.

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Bohemian Sea by TobiasRichter

Golden autumn at the high edge of the Bohemian Sea of clouds.

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