Cabin Fever by joe_plasmatico

Welcome back photography aficionados.

As a matter of fact, I do shoot landscapes quiet often. I even get up early to travel some 150km to the spot.

That day the weather forecast was promising a fabulous sunrise and so I made a spontaneous trip, having a fantastic weather until I reached the area.

Clouds where hanging low and moving fast and they got stuck over the Karwendel mountains. Just turning to the right the sky was bright blue and the birds and cows where mocking me.^^

I waited there for nearly an hour, made some test shots and went off to an other location where the sun was shining and everything was cool.

Yes, a lot of people have photographed this marvelous place, but not in the middle of a blooming field. Maybe it is because autumn/spring provides the better light conditions.

Enjoy your weekend, I’ll be at the Oktoberfest tomorrow to get a beer.

via 500px