Nightfall over Lauenburg by Zermie

Lauenburg, Schleswig Holstein, Germany

Please view on black!

I took my new camera for a ride to Lauenburg. I must say: I am quite satisfied with the results in terms auf image quality; even because I messed it up with the highlights. But should be ok for a web presentation, I guess.

PAs I try a new approach to my style of taking photos with only primes, I had to do a panorama here (6 vertical shots), which worked quite fine.

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Sylt, Ellenbogen West by pensrud

Want to know how I made this: See detailed how-to on my Facebook page:

So….On a two week long visit to the area my goals were to capture many of the beautiful lighthouses along the North Sea in Germany and Denmark. This lovely lighthouse is on Sylt, a popular tourist destination, and getaway for wealthy Germans living in Hamburg, like the Hamptons for New Yorkers.

Beautiful coastline, and great place. I rented a bike and cruised all around the island finding locations and capturing four of the five lighthouses on the island. I spent the night out in the sand dunes capturing the Milky Way and stars overhead and getting blasted by sand and salt water. 50+ mile an hour winds. :/

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