Divergence by eyeofalens

For me personally I feel this is my most powerful image I have yet captured of the Oresund bridge that spans the stretch of water between Sweden & Denmark.
I love how the fog & low laying clouds swallow up the bridge as it disappears across the waters of the Oresund.
Along with contrast of these Sea buckthorns.
New Years day was a productive & invigorating one…so was today 🙂

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Lost Direction of Sunset Time by BertoniSiswanto

Beautiful sunset and awesome colour again i catch for sunset , so surprise me to get another beautiful sunset after lost direction . I went here with another friend from Bali Landscaper but live in Japan , so funny and lovely time to be here again . Bali is wonderful and Indonesia amazing ..
Enjoyed my photography and God Bless You All
If you interest to have Bali Tours Landscape Photography can contact me as well from fb : Bertoni siswanto or mail me : toni220878@icloud.com
Thank you for visiting , like and comment …

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I Opened My Eyes to See the Sun by pasqualedipilato

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FOLLOW THE DOTTED LINE…!! by raquel_de_castro

Comienza el nuevo curso fotográfico, cargado de nuevas metas, no se si con el mismo entusiasmo, aunque sí con renovada ilusión….

“Tengo trucos en el bolsillo -y cosas bajo la manga- pero soy todo lo contrario del prestidigitador común. Éste, os brinda una linda ilusión con las apariencias de la verdad. Yo, os doy la verdad con las gratas apariencias de la ilusión”


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