Sunset by xplor-creativity

Another Image from Bonn, Germany. I don’t know the purpose of this Building but it reminded me of a certain Building in Frankfurt am Main, Germany 😉

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made in china by fredmatos

Canção popular

nem sempre o poeta ama
o corpo ao qual se acopla
quando vende sua alma
como o ladrão sua mulher
ou o bêbado o seu casaco
para saciar um desejo
para enganar o seu ego
com os aplausos fúteis
à sua poesia elaborada
tão vazia de significados
quanto os mortos que habitam
nas entrelinhas dos versos

quem souber que cante outra
que seja desta o inverso.

Fred Matos

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preventive maintenance by fredmatos

“For the overwhelming majority of the population, the extent and manner of satisfaction are determined by your own work; but it is a job for a gear that it does not control, which functions as an independent power that individuals have to undergo if they want to live.”

Eros and Civilization – Herbert Marcuse

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Red Rain in Sin City by wilcowesterduin

This image is achieved without Photoshop! The selective red is done with the Sony A-58 in-cam feature, editing is done only with standard iPhoto on my MacBook. Please see in black, press H and M.

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