Mimetic by mmeida

Lights and shadows invite us to imagine parallel worlds. A touch of color in the domains of chiaroscuro.

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Three closed doors by Alexandru_Ionita

Three closed doors – an architectural detail from the Ansbach Residence, Bavaria, Germany.

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The Church of Wassen by mirosu

The Wassen’s baroque Catholic Church is perhaps the most outstanding in the whole of the country.
The church in Wassen is certainly one of the most well-known in Switzerland, if not the most well-known, because it can be seen three times from the train due to the helical tunnels that help the train up and down the Gotthard ramp, but the church of St Gallus helps you get your bearings.
The trains from the north to the south and vice versa don’t stop in Wassen. If you want to stop in Wassen you need to take a bus.
In the future there will be the Gotthard Basistunnel which will replace the amazing scenic train ride of today.
This stretch of the journey is an engineering masterpiece and a must for train lovers.
You may also view the full color version of this photo I’ve posted here some time ago.

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