Leapin’ lechwe by africaddict

A small harem of Red Lechwe leap across a stream to reach the male, one early dawn @ Kwando, Botswana.

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A mother’s sorrow. by africaddict

This lioness carries off her dead 3 week old cub that had been trampled by buffalo, during the attack they sought shelter down a hole and she had been digging for over an hour in a vain attempt to rescue them, sadly she lost all 3 of her litter on this fateful evening.
She carried this cub for over a kilometre before placing it in a dense thicket and then consuming it in some bizarre ceremony, why lions do this is still not really known.
A sad event to witness and document, yet provides a powerful image.

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African icon by MatEngel

Botswana Linyanti area.
We followed this guy to his tree where he felt asleep in the branches for more than an hour. Before we could join the nap, patience paid off when he suddenly got up, spotting something, our minor senses never caught sight of.
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