b u r s t | senja, norway by elmofoto

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This night we were five guys in two cars with one simple mission: get as many aurora photos as possible. Of course, when you find a great spot like this placid little fjord, you never want to leave. But the great thing about Senja is that every corner you turn leads you to another, equally beautiful little fjord. I think after all was said and done we ended up stopping in eight different spots. It was a good night.

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above the fog by mainone

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Wrath of Njörðr by Arild_Heitmann

Arctic wilderness at its rawest and finest. The wind was pushing, pulling, howling and filling the air with snow. My favourite conditions!

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Devil’s Jaw by AlfredoCostanzo

A gloomy afternoon at Tungeneset beach, the incoming tide raged on the rocks. Sudden, unexpected blades of light illuminates, timidly the peaks of Oskornan mountains, a.k.a “Devil’s Jaw”or Devil’s Teeth.
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Few seconds before by PeteBondurant

This shot is the last one I’ve taken with my beloved Canon 6D camera… few second after, a big wave put me and my camera down into the salt water…!

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Glowing Ridge by StefanHefele

“Glowing Ridge” – Senja i Norge

Climbing a ridge with snowshoes is a great experience. Just in time I could make my photo here because the sun had disappeared shortly afterwards. After spending 9 days on the Island Senja last January/February this was the first time I was able to spot the sun… What a special moment for me.


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