Carrasqueira’s dreams by Lujo

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In the Hades Kindgom by joaocruzsantos

Judging by the nice comments received on the last two photos, it seems that blue it’s the color around here…

So, I decided to re-publish one of my photos with most likes with slightly re-edition in the blue tones

The title invokes the under world or the world of deaths of Greek Mythology.. A world often depicted as a dark and cool place, full of loneliness.

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Sunset in Carrasqueira by bahutofotografia

Located along the peninsula of Tróia on the southern margin of the Sado River, the region is characterized by the number or rice fields under cultivation. In addition, its vicinity within the Sado estuary makes the region a focus of many species of terrestrial and marine birds, including the grey herons, storks and flamingos.

While Comporta is the administrative centre of the parish, there are several small population concentrations throughout (localities, places or villages); they include: Brejo da Carregueira, Brejo da Carregueira de Cima, Cambado, Comporta, Figueiral Moitinha, Murta, Possanco, Torre, Torroal and Carrasqueira.

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