Thunderbird by AaronGroen

Run by AaronGroen

This is another shot from July 25th’s amazing shelf cloud north of Dell Rapids,SD. Taken less than a minute and a half before my ” sHELf cLoud ” post and look how far the storm moves, this storm had already produced multiple tornadoes and still had over 70mph winds and large hail when it hit my location. 7/25/2015 – 10:19:36 PM Single Exposure shot, Canon EOS 6D and EF 16-35mmf/2.8L II usm lens @ 6.0 sec; f/2.8; ISO 1000, 16mm PRINTS –

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Last Minute by AaronGroen

A panoramic view of the approaching Severe Thunderstorm that produced Severe Flooding in the Sioux Falls area last Thursday night. I shot many pics of this storm from right here including some great lightning shots and 2 other panorama, this shot is the last I took before having to run to the car and bail out of there. I will be posting all 3 panoramas and have already posted one lightning pic on my facebook page if you would like to check them out –

5 shots wide
taken just after sunset

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#shelfie (Sioux Falls) by AaronGroen

“#shelfie” On Sunday August 9th at 7:48PM this shelf cloud approached my position just down the gravel road south of Issac Walton, north from where Hwy 11 turns gravel. This is only a few miles from where I live so , here is proof you do not always have to go drive all day to get that amazing pic. This was also the last cruise I was ever going to take with my long time best friend and companion, my dog Gus passed away Monday and I will love and miss him forever. Thank you all for looking. video –
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8 shot pano, hand held, stitched and raw processed in PS CS6

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sHELf cLoud by AaronGroen

Last night’s amazing shelf cloud in eastern South Dakota. This is one of many shots I took last night of this crazy stack of pancakes in the sky before having to run 🙂 yes I was a bit scared
Taken north of Dell Rapids, SD
July 25th 2015 10:21PM

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weathered ***** by AaronGroen

Taken 6/6/2015 – 7:05:20 PM south of Davis, South Dakota.
Canon EOS 6D body and Canon EF 16-35mmf/2.8L II USM lens
1/60 sec; f/4.0; ISO 50, 16mm
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Intense Lightning by RPJSPhotography

A severe thunderstorm approaching Morris, MN intensified into an electric lightning storm very quickly right as the sunsets.

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Disco ball by MaxConradPhotography

Another view of the extraordinary beautiful nighttime thunderstorm some time ago taken two minutes after this one: Very rare and beautiful view of a strongly rotating supercellular thunderstorm lit up by frequent lightning and moonlight under a clear starry sky – looking like a big disco ball swirling in the sky.
This photo was taken in the Champagne (Département Ardennes) near Rethel during a four day stormchasing tour through western Europe in 2014.


For several days parts of France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany have experienced a very rare weather pattern with exceptionally high energetic airmasses and strong wind shear. This lead to quite a few very strong thunderstorms racing over these areas again and again and again, most of them of supercellular nature.

During four days of strenuous stormchasing through France, Belgium and Germany mother nature showed us her power and beauty at her best – days like these are the reason for any stormchaser to go through all those agonizing moments of continuous decision making, weather forecasting, driving hundreds or thousands of kilometers may be for literally nothing, waiting bored for hours, missing the right spot, arriving too late or staying at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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