Wonderful life by bverbrugge

The morning started misty. As the sun was rising most mist disappeared, but it stayed longer in the forest. So it became a very beautiful morning in the forest, where I couldn’t resist taking pictures. 🙂 Photo is taking in the beautiful area of Harderwijk/Ermelo in the Netherlands.

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Lights & Reflections by kerivista

Thanks a lot for your valuable comments. Your beautiful photos have always been very inspirational.

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Over the Hill by Rich_Devant

Years ago I was a fine art consultant. It was then that I first learned of Eyvind Earle and his artistry. His work had a profound impact on how I view the world and apply it to my own craft. This image reminds me of that work. I shot it as the sun rose over the rolling hills of Wilmington, Delaware.

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Shades of Blue by GRoyer

Shot this afternoon in the garden, abeautiful sunny spring light.Please also take time to visit my blog: AustralianLightSeeker.blogspot.com.au
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Pureness of Nature !!! :-) by jvphoto

Hello my dear friends,

Have a wonderful new week ahead and Hope you all enjoying this HOT summer 🙂

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Hope you like this “Shades of White” frame. Happy Clicking 🙂

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Natures illuminated manuscript by aagazzi

The sheer beauty of nature is shown as well on sand dunes, formed by sand and wind, that’s it! Imagine something similar man-made. I am always fascinated about it, again, again and again!

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For those who like colors better:

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