Early bird & paradise.飞越在传说中. by FacechooYong

As morning light rays rushing into the valley; it was like hot soup pouring
into a bowl.Thin fog rises into the air.Time to create dreamy image.
Here come a bird looking for its first meal.”Hello nature’s friend,
is this the paradise(Shangrila)in the fairy tale?

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Yading’s holy peak天窗里的神山 by FacechooYong

Autumn scene at Yading nature reserve.Picture of holy peak hidden in thick mist in the morning.
Reflection in the shallow stream was a suprise because I didn’t see any snow cap mountaian upon arrival.
People often refer Yading nature reserve as the last Shangrila.
Thank you for your visit &
support.Happy weekend.

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Tranquility: Upper Kachura Lake by RiazSiddiki

If there is a place in the world, where both me and my wife would love to move to permanently without thinking twice, it is Skardu. A beautiful valley (and a city) located at the confluence of river Indus and river Shigar. It is a place with breathtaking beauty; surrounded by mountains of Karakoram-range with 8,000 meter peaks.

I took this shot at the Upper Kachura Lake near Skardu during my second visit to the place. Approachable by a jeep track and hiking, the lake presented such cool and calm atmosphere that spending the morning there – just watching the crystal clear water, gliding clouds, and greenery became a memory to cherish forever.

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