Travel Photographer Of The Year 2015 – V by MarselvanOosten

Little over a week ago I won the overall title Travel Photographer Of The Year 2015 ( with two black and white portfolios – a landscape portfolio and a wildlife portfolio. I’ve already posted all the winning landscape images, so here’s the first one from the wildlife portfolio.

All four images in this portfolio were shot on our Namibia Untamed tour earlier this year. We were the first company in the world to offer photo tours to Namibia, and every year we make small changes to the itinerary to stay ahead of all our copycats. Two years ago we decided to add a surprise boat cruise off the coast of Walvis Bay. This is a great opportunity to photograph thousands of seals, dolphins and pelicans. My personal highlight of this boat cruise are the pelicans – amazing creatures and very photogenic. This year we had a couple that landed on our boat and I was able to get very close with my wide angle lens. I’ve got plenty of pelicans in flight shots, so I was interested in creating something different. I decided to turn my pelican shoot into a study of shape and light, creating very graphic images.

After a while, the pelicans got so used to my presence, that I was able to move in closer and closer. So close actually, that depth of field was turning into a problem – I had to stop down quite a bit to keep everything in focus, especially with some of the other shots in this series that I will show later.

The processing was pretty straightforward, apart from the conversion to black and white. Black and white is so much more difficult than colour photography, because you don’t have those pretty colours that people like so much, and colours are helpful to separate shapes. Without colour, certain shapes that were separated from each other in the colour version, will suddenly merge in a black and white version. Good black and white images are therefore often created on location – that’s when you can already see what is needed for a good bw image.

If you would like to join us to Namibia, then you’re out of luck for 2016 as we’re fully booked. Even our 2017 tour is already fully booked, but we opened a second tour for 2017 that is going to be led by amazing landscape photographer Ryan Dyar. It will take place from 17 June to 1 July 2017.

If you want to visit Namibia, look no further. There is no better organised Namibia tour out there. Also, we are still the only one that offers microlight flights over the famous Namibian sand dunes.

If you’re interested in joining Ryan to Namibia, please check out our website for more information, images, video clips, and a very detailed tour PDF:


©2015 Marsel van Oosten, All Rights Reserved. This image is not available for use on websites, blogs or other media without the explicit written permission of the photographer.

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An unexpected gift by GiuseppeTorre

Yesterday coming home, I noticed a really fantastic colour on the sky.. Pink and red.
I stopped the car on the side of the street, I took the phone ready to frame a dramatic pink sky.. And I found this amazing sight in front of my eyes..

Never seen something similar before.. and my only regret was not to have got time to take my dslr to improve the quality of this sight.

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Universal II by ScottMcCook

***Just click on the image to view on black**

Hey Guys,

This image is a personal favourite of mine for a couple of reasons.

Foremost it’s because of the night I spent shooting it. The sand you see in the shot comes from an area called the “icecream” dunes located as you drive up or down to Cervantes. As you’re going down the road you can spot these stunningly white sand dunes.

They sit like these little isolated islands of white looking ice cream among the bush and shrub. When you finally get out to one and stand on it for the first time you can’t believe just how soft the sand is, it’s like flour! The finest softest sand you’ll ever feel and in some cases 2km’s from the ocean!

I had been fascinated by these dunes for some time and wanted to combine them with my passion of shooting the Milky Way. I did my research and decided on a half moon rising one night to do the shoot.

We headed up for about 6pm, watched the sun set and started to look for compositions, I’d been searching for about 45 minutes with my good friend Abigail when I stumbled upon this formation in the sand, I had to second look it!! I couldn’t believe my luck, these natural lines all leading up to this one point!! Abby was wondering why I was screaming in excitement hahaha, I knew I’d never find another comp like this as these sands shift daily.

So after I’d calmed down I set up and shot my Milky Way images before the moon came along and then waited.

At this point it was pretty dark and then all of a sudden the moon just started to tickle the horizon, as it did the whole landscape just started coming to life, like an alien planet, shadows being cast everywhere with these beautiful lines cutting in and out of the dunes.

It was stunning!! If you ever get a chance to watch a moon rise over these sand dunes, do it!!! We were in awe, it was so beautiful and so alien like with these white sand dunes that I almost forgot hey wait my camera is setup start shooting!!!! hahaha,

So I started firing off my shots, I was very low down in the sand so I was doing series of focus stacked images, the whole time looking at these shadows on the ripples and thinking wow ok this is pretty special.

I spent the next hour or so walking the dunes and just soaking it all in, it was magic and when I got back home to process this I wanted that magic in the shot.

The other reason I enjoy this image is because of the style of Milky Way processing (I hear the purists yelling abuse) hahaha, yes it’s no where near what it looks like normally but check out the rest of my gallery, I don’t process to please others I process to where ever my weird warped brain takes me 🙂 It took me years to develop this technique and can take upwards of 3 hours slowly pushing and pulling colour and detail in and out but I thought it just suited the magical feeling I had when shooting this scene 🙂

So there you go, If you managed to read through my dribble this is why I like this image so much and thanks for viewing it 🙂


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Harmony heart by Vahlenkamp

I wrote your name in the sky, but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay.

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Nifty nasturtium by Vahlenkamp

Flowers are the poetry of reproduction. An example of the eternal seductiveness of life. Is it any wonder we love them?

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Wings of an Arome by GRoyer

The aromes in the garden look beautiful. This one shot under natural light, against the dark blue fence, with a bit of an overcast. I really like the vaporous shape of the petals, so elegant and aerial.Please also take time to visit my blog:
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Sky on Fire by gnbphotos

Photo taken of an air balloon from another airballoon which I was flying on. Five uni class mates and I were planning at first on going to Portugal, but we saw a super great offer to go to Turkey for a week, so we didn’t think it twice! This is a shot taken near the city of Avanos during sunrise. Sorry for my bad post processing, it was during my first year of photography and I was still shooting in jpg =( anyways, hope you like it!

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