South of Holly by MikeOlbinski

The beauty of storm chasing is seeing structure and organization in clouds that appears unnatural. When you look up and just know…something wicked this way comes.

This was May 24th of this year south of Holly, Colorado. One heck of a day chasing…it started south of Lamar and would end up near Moscow, Kansas before the night was over.

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Big Badlands Supercell by AaronGroen

Run by AaronGroen

This is another shot from July 25th’s amazing shelf cloud north of Dell Rapids,SD. Taken less than a minute and a half before my ” sHELf cLoud ” post and look how far the storm moves, this storm had already produced multiple tornadoes and still had over 70mph winds and large hail when it hit my location. 7/25/2015 – 10:19:36 PM Single Exposure shot, Canon EOS 6D and EF 16-35mmf/2.8L II usm lens @ 6.0 sec; f/2.8; ISO 1000, 16mm PRINTS –

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The Wall by MikeOlbinski

Finally captured a decent haboob a few days ago south of Phoenix! Been a slow year on the big dust storm front, so this was such a treat, especially as we are nearing September already and potentially winding down the season soon.

This is a 12-image panoramic taken along Riggs Road…the time-lapses are pretty cool, but I am involved in a special project so I wont be able to show them until that’s figured out…but at least one will appear in my film Monsoon II.

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#shelfie (Sioux Falls) by AaronGroen

“#shelfie” On Sunday August 9th at 7:48PM this shelf cloud approached my position just down the gravel road south of Issac Walton, north from where Hwy 11 turns gravel. This is only a few miles from where I live so , here is proof you do not always have to go drive all day to get that amazing pic. This was also the last cruise I was ever going to take with my long time best friend and companion, my dog Gus passed away Monday and I will love and miss him forever. Thank you all for looking. video –
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8 shot pano, hand held, stitched and raw processed in PS CS6

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#shelfie by AaronGroen

3 shot panorama of the massive shelf cloud the other night in eastern South Dakota.
7/25/2015 – 10:15:52 PM north of Dell Rapids, SD
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sHELf cLoud by AaronGroen

Last night’s amazing shelf cloud in eastern South Dakota. This is one of many shots I took last night of this crazy stack of pancakes in the sky before having to run 🙂 yes I was a bit scared
Taken north of Dell Rapids, SD
July 25th 2015 10:21PM

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