Shot Tower by patch

This old Shot Tower was incorporated inside the Melbourne Central shopping centre, rather than getting knocked down for the sake a modernisation. A good decision!

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Arcadia by patch

It was a rainy Melbourne day and I escaped inside this shopping mall to avoid getting too wet. I liked the look of this pair of escalators and was lucky that there was an advertising bollard just in front of them to allow for a resting spot for a long exposure shot.

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Lisbon Tram 28 by pauloqfernandes

Black and White photo of the Lisbon Tram line in the Baixa (Rua da Conceição), Portugal, after a rainstrom.

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Symmetrical melody by osvaldomirante

At the time of the upload, I had no idea what to write about this photo.
That’s true, It is just beautiful. At least in my point of view.
That’s also true that the first impression I had after my first step into the gallery after my first glance of infinite symmetry, after the first time I heard the melody of all the souls around me, photographing the same symmetry, the same architecture, a similar angle of shot, having the same emotion than me, I felt such a good symmetrical smile building up onto my face. My wrinkles were being created around my eyes, as a new born baby seeing something funny in front of me.

I was walking alone. My luggages not anymore with me. My thoughts flying over me. As flying threatening insects attracted by my salt and wanting to land on me but first they had to wait the good time for it.

I was abroad, without my habits, lost in thoughts.

It was like when you live at the farmerside of a city for years and you move to the center. Same feeling. Stranger.

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Lights of Saint Mark Square by AaronChoiPhoto

Saint Mark Square lamp lit up in the morning before the sunrise.
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Osaka, Nanbasennichimae (難波千日前) by Bongsub

오사카, 난바센니치마에 2015.3.7
2015 ⓒ twoKim. All Rights Reserved.

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