Gion. Kyoto by PAkDocK

Gion in Kyoto is probably one the most traditional places around Japan.
Japanese girls wear their kimonos and yukatas in summer to walk around and enjoy the neighbourhood.

Kyoto, Japan. 2015

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Lone girl by dmitryelizarov

An homage to “Gone girl” (2014, David FIncher) promo poster featuring Rosamund Pike with a very specific lighting on.

© Dmitry Elizarov
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Sit down please by Carlosmacr

Now that i finally got my android work with the new 500px app… let’s try how it works (i have only read and heard good things :-)))))) 😉
Ahora que por fin he conseguido que 500px me vaya en la app del móvil, a ver como va la aplicación. No he leido más que cosas buenas de ella (jojojojo)

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