Falling Water by myst1cal

I wasn’t really sure if i should give it a try with this one.. but yea i did it anyway..
so there’s not so much to tell about this one. it’s from one of the first days of my recent Norway visit.
with no snow and not really special weather at all.
but we found this beautiful waterfall and i just had to spend a couple minutes there to try my luck.. hope you guys like it..

wish you all a great and successful 2016!

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The perfect moment by myst1cal


soon i will announce a Phototour around the swiss and french alps. Join my Mailinglist to receive all the news as soon as i release them.
I just got back from my recent Norway trip and that’s my first work…
The whole thing didn’t seem to start that well because we really got out of luck with the weather..
almost 24/7 with lots of rain and no snow at all 😦 but everyone knows.. you need to try and try and maybe.. if you’re lucky enough you got that really special moment..
but yea.. this one’s from the morning we had to head back to the airport for our flight back to switzerland.. as you guys can see.. finally all the rain turned into snow..
5 minutes before i took this panorama the weather was totally crap.. you could barely see the street in front of you… but we decided to try it anyway.. and holy sh** thank god we did!
suddenly the sky behind me turned into a shiny multicolored thing and the sky in front of me just went really gloomy. the setting moon was just perfect behind the mountains to give a little light into this really dark scene..
I just had to do a 360° Panorama to roughly catch this moment.

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The Twilight by myst1cal

The Twilight

*Please view this one in a dark environment*

I took this on one of my most favorite locations ever.. The French Alps.

About the shot… it’s a blend of about 3 shots. One before twilight to show you some stars. And the other one’s some minutes later..

Hope you guys enjoy this scene as much as I do.
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Two Little Owls by simonroyphotography

A special moment as a pair of wild adult Little Owls (Athene noctua) interact on an old gate post. Shot through wild flowers besides a field of summer Barley. Taken from my hide near York, North Yorkshire, UK

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