Lone Tree by EdErglis

Star Trails from White Pocket area, Arizona

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Lone Tree by EdErglis

Star Trails from White Pocket area, Arizona

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United Colors of Sunset by Yannick_Lefevre

An autumnal sunset near the beach of the Palm-Beach ( Cannes ) at Pointe-Croisette

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When It’s Least Expected by LindaEdgecombPhotography

My friend Wilco Westerduin’s challenge .here it is ….I was waiting for clouds .but no clouds.and as I was photographing .i noticed the ball of sun was getting lower and then i align it with the top peak of the parabola..it looked like the Luxor beams .so lovely .the sky was a deep rose pink .so added another color intensifier filter ..I hope you like it ..! thank you dear friends for inspiring me and also for all your kind words and specail thank you Wilco.it is a an awesome challenge. so fun , thank you.have a wonderful day eveyone !! ^_^

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Awesome Westerhever by pensrud

A beautiful night by Westerhever Lighthouse, Germany. It was a wonderful evening to be by the lighthouse. The sunset was quite stunning.

Nice thing about this image is the elderly couple parking their bikes. The elderly gentlemen helped his wife/partner/friend lock up her bike. Was Nice to see.

Hope you like the image. If you like the image, feel free to follow me to see more in the future. Heading back to the lighthouse now. Looking like it’s going to be nice out there.

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Alone Under Clouds by pensrud

Another from the gorgeous sunset last night.

For this one, you can see the clouds just got better and better. I was so glad I had my Singh-Ray filter with me in that it let me really expose for the sky while illuminating the foreground. Used another .6 LEE soft ND grad and a .6 hard as well. Was it a pain playing with the filters from image to image, pano to pano, horizontal to landscape, back to horizontal and back again…so on and so on…sure. But I enjoy it, and have gotten used to it. Not going to get into the filter vs bracketing debate. I am a filter guy that focus stacks and brackets as well. “Show me the Focus stacked, bracketed, 15 image wide, three row high pano. :/

This is not that beast. Just a 5 image, focus stacked blend. Hope you like it.

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