Thunderbird by AaronGroen

So last weekend I was out shooting and found an old abandoned house and was excited to shoot it as it was one I had not discovered yet and was very creepy looking. I took a couple shots and Heather yells from the car, “Hey, there is a raccoon over there!” I didn’t think much of it until I could see the tall grass moving as he was running my way. So I ran out of the grass and back toward the car and before I could get in, the cutest little raccoon emerged from the tall grass and continued right up to me. At first, of course, I was worried with rabies and whatever but he was super friendly. He was so cool that after the initial playing and hoping around at my feet I went back to get the shots I wanted and he followed right at my feet the entire time. Of course with two new babies at home and living in town I could not just take him home with me, so we looked up info and from what I could tell I decided he was about the right size and age to survive on his own and that this location was probably the best possible place for him, but was concerned because they only usually approach humans when they are desperate. Later when we finally tricked him with crackers and took off I felt so bad and worried about him that I ended up going back the next night with a bucket of dog food and water to give home if he was still there. I took the “sinister 3” pic I posted the other day and was messing around with flashlights in the windows and was there for a good 30 minutes shooting and no sign of my new friend. Finally I felt I had the shots I needed and packed everything back in the car. Before I left I decided to whistle loud and yell “come here Bandit” and I kid you not the second I did I heard a noise in the tree just to the right of the house and shined my light over and seen him scurrying down the tree and straight over to me! I fed him the dog food and water and tried to leave again. This time he was wise to me tricking him and ran over and got on the car and would not let me leave. This went on for over 20 minutes of his scratching up the car and clucking at me before he finally gave up and went back to his meal. Heart broken at having to leave this little guy I stopped a few miles down the road to take a leak and gather my thoughts. I could see in the distance a storm was approaching with continuous lightning. By now it was after 3am. Even though it was late I decided to set up right there on the gravel and time-lapse it as long as I could. Well over two and a half hours went by and I captured some of the best lightning I have ever witnessed, and 850 more frames for my upcoming time-lapse video “Weathered” coming soon…
This is one (SINGLE EXPOSURE) of the top 5 or so shots from the night and I think the lightning is kind of shaped just like a thunderbird so this is the one I choose to post. Thanks for looking !!!
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Evanescence by albydido

one of my last newborn butterflies.
I wish you all a great WE, ciao
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