Faithful by sarawutkaka

Is This My Best Side ?????? by judylynn

The mandibled Toucan is a very beautiful and a majestic toucan. He is large and very deliberate in his movements. We were thrilled to have been able to see this wonderful creature and I do believe he was trying to sowing me his best profile !!

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Wednesday !!!!!!!!!!!

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Little Gem Of The Rain Forest Of costa Rica !!!!!! by judylynn

These beautiful little frogs are always a thrill to see no matter how many times you may have seen them in the past. Their big red eyes remind you of a precious gem and they are breathtaking to see. Their eyes are sensitive to light so one must be careful and not use flash but rather natural lighting.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and a very blessed one.

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Cheetah looking over the Zululand hills by EtienneOosthuizen


Pair of cheetah siting and looking out for prey over a magical view of the Zululand hills at Thanda private game reserve

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