On Earth As It Is In Heaven by williampatino

I actually had no intention of visiting Skogafoss, however strong winds prevented us from progressing further east on this particular night. Once the sky began to glow from the aurora I couldn’t help but pay a visit to one of the countries most visited falls. It was definitely a moving experience standing here listening to the roar of the falls underneath some of the clearest skies I’ve ever seen.

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*** Last Man Standing *** by ShyamaPrasadMishra

Sometimes the Worst Weather Makes The best Shot.

Recipe Behind the Shot:

Three hours of wait for downpour to stop.
No telephoto lens to compress distance.
(Shot with Canon 100 mm Macro)
4 degree outside temperature.
Constant Spray of ice cold water.
A patient wife, agreeing to wait while I kept perfecting the composition.

Benefit of Worst Weather:

Less or almost no crowd, at one of the most popular place in Iceland.
Moody Atmosphere.

Lesson Learnt by Me:
No weather is bad weather.
Learn to Adapt and move on. 🙂

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