Shipwreck of the coast at Borneo Sabah by zakies

The broken ship along with the sea with long exposure (129 Sec)

AUGUST 15, 2015
Location : Borneo Sabah, Malaysia

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A Oceanside Surprise. by JeffDeveau

My father and I grabbed Penny (The Dog) and headed down to Oceanside Beach. The Tide was so strange as it was a low tide and a new moon. It was like being at a lakeside with the occasional boat wake. The water was so still and clear. you could see the sea-life and rocks clearly beneath the surface. Penny (my dog) had a great time romping around in the water and playing in the sand with a stick she found. I setup my Camera, Filters, and Remote and took penny down to the water and ran a set of 7 minute exposures. I didn’t expect much out of this sunset as the clouds were seemingly pretty thick. But it didn’t disappoint and I was able to capture a surprising light show.

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Golden Wonders by JaredGoodwin

Sunset on the Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. Vog (Volcanic Fog) made the sunset a little hazy, but none the less, a great moment! Aloha!

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Straight Outta Reykjavik by christianlim

yeah just finished viewing the NWA movie hence the title of the image. Back to Iceland in one week for the Ice and Northern Lights Tour with THOR Photography thru

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Entourage by christianlim

inspired by my all time favorite tv series… vince, e, johnny, turtle… ari gold fifth one on the back???? ring a bell? anyway some of you will get it 😀

take from the Ice Beach moving just a couple of feet in between shots, this is I think where I turned around for a quick sec and my gear smashed on the ice… clumsy… 😀

anyway its all in the fun of it…. didnt bother me one bit except for the fact that I had to visit the shop again to buy the filters

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