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Often seen, here another golden sunrise at Lake Bled in Slovenia, which i visited with Cludes Tomato.
Also on this pic i mentioned a problem with my display on my main laptop which shows the picture really cold, on other displays its warm!

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Lake Bled, Slovenia (Crazy Trip Pic#1) by AlexGaflig

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Hi Guys! This is the first upload of my last 2 crazy weeks.
I’ve done an super cool roadtrip with Cludes Tomato from Sunday till Sunday, with the stops: Bled (Slovenia), Plitvice (Croatia), Zadar (Croatia), Sibenik (Croatia), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Mostar (Bosnia), Split (Croatia) and Bled again. Unbelievable how beautiful former Yugoslavia is, this wasn’t my last visit there.

On the following week i’ve been to Vienna (Austria) again, from Tuesday till Sunday. In Vienna i really had a lot of bad luck with many building sites along cool buildings, but anway prepare for some uploads in next time =)

Oh and the Model on the picture is also Cludes who strongly survived 25seconds without moving.
Lake Bled is really a beautiful place, not only for pictures! It’s a small, idyllic and a popular destination for families who want to relax for a weekend or even longer.
We’ve been there twice, on the first visit we had the sunset and the sunrise which was really complicated to shoot and unfortunately we had no fog. On the way home we stopped there again, but the sky was just too boring, so the hike up on the hill was just for our fitness 😀

Sorry for the re-upload, but the rating systems really sucks at the moment, in comparison my pic doesn’t get a lot of views even with 5+k followers… well.

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