[ … Lóndrangar ] by RaymondHoffmann

midsummer at Snæfellsnes / Iceland
Nikon D810 with 14-24mm f/2.8G ED AF-S NIKKOR
Lucroit Filter System
taken on my photo workshop “Iceland Westfjords”

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Mountain Church by Guillezgz

In Icelandic Snæfellsnes peninsula is the Kirkjufell or “Mountain Church” called there. A pyramidal mass of volcanic origin of 463m.
Two years ago I had the pleasure of visiting witnessing a potent Northern Lights night to remember. This past November I returned and Mother Nature gave us another night of lights that although they were not very powerful, able to enjoy them for almost 3 hours.

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Divine light on the Mountain Church by albanhenderyckxphotography

Sunrise at Kirkufell, Iceland.

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Kirkjufell by Hauxon

The very popular mount Kirkjufell in the west part of Iceland. Thu sun does not rise very high this time of year so we almost got a constant sunrise-sunset during daytime. Glad I had my ice spikes with me which allowed me to place myself close to the ledge of the waterfall.

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Red Classics by PatrickMarsonOng

A timeless classic shot of Kirkjufell mountain, located at the north coast region of Iceland. A must stop spot when you get the chance to visit this place.

Hope you enjoy the view guys! Cheers!

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