Brasil by fredmatos

I was already tired. The sun melts my brain. Luckily found a shade. It was when I saw the girl playing ball. I pointed the camera and recorded. It is not necessary that a guardian of photographic excellence will say it is a simple snapshot. I know. But I like and I think many other people may also like.
I wish you all a great Sunday.

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The snapshooter by Carlosmacr

Once Labordeta said “Arremójate la tripa que ya viene la calor”.

I am uploading many images lately and still getting your support, so thank a lot to all of you. I promise i’ll have a rest of a few days (still don’t know when :-))
Thanks a lot for your kind visits and have a nice time!

Estoy subiendo muchas imágenes últimamente y aún así la gente sigue entrando a ver las imágenes, así que muchas gracias a todos. Prometo tomar un desccanso de varios días (aunque aún no sé cuando…. que esto engancha :-))
Muchas gracias y que tengais buena noche/día/tarde :-))

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Insane by Wieselblitz

Another goofy Noodles.
She had distemper as a puppy, that’s why… I guess. Well, her teeth are really bad because of it. But she is crazy by nature.

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Be water by Carlosmacr

Once again, a memory of the dreamt trip we took wiith my wife and our 2 years old daughter. This time taking out one of the images i took of one of many of those fantastic and special waterfalls one can find in that little paradise called Iceland.

Thanks for your visit.
Una vez más, una memoria más del soñado viaje que hicimos con mi mujer y nuestra niña de dos años. Esta vez estoy rescatando una imagen de una de las muchas fantásticas y preciosas cataratas que uno puede encontrar en eso pequeño paraíso que es Islandia.

Saludos y gracias por tu visita

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“Ooh, my Dooog!!” by Wieselblitz

Taken from the series “Ooh, my Dooog!!”

A not so serious project about canine expressions. Or: “Sorry, Fido, you are adopted!”

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When you suddenly realize it’s Friday by Wieselblitz