Urban Canyon by tchebotarev

Saving the best for 500px. Winter storm has hit Chicago today (December 28th), and I was there to witness it’s natural powers.

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Fox on white by mennodekker

Here is a shot of a fox I took in Hokkaido Japan. Every time I see photo’s of this particular fox it reminds me of one best photographing days I have experienced so far. We had stellar sea eagles and orca’s for breakfast and foxes in all kind of snow situations in the afternoon. We got the location where the fox should be from another photographer, who sent a photo of a green storage building in the middle of nowhere and the coordinates for gps. We showed them to the taxi driver, who looked at us if we were absolutely insane to go there, but he drove to the location, we found the building and started walking. Just 5 minutes later 2 foxes appeared in a place full of snow. Sometimes you just have to be very lucky I guess……

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The Endless Road by DaniloFaria

White Rim Road in a very foggy/snowy weekend, at Canyonlands National Park. Thick layers of inversion hanged by the canyon for almost a week. I had planned star shots and did not even see the sun for 4 straight days, but sometimes you can’t always get what you want… but I am still very pleased to be there and witness such a marvelous place. 3 image panorama.
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I’ll Hate Snow!! by Harry-Eggens

Bald eagle just after landing in the snow at the beach of Kachemak Bay near Homer in Alaska.

©Harry Eggens

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Heavy Snowfall by Harry-Eggens

Yesterday the heat of Florida and today a bitterly cold day in Alaska 😀

Hard day for the bird, the camera and the photographer!!

Shot taken at the beach of Kachemak Bay near Homer in Alaska

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