Brasil by fredmatos

I was already tired. The sun melts my brain. Luckily found a shade. It was when I saw the girl playing ball. I pointed the camera and recorded. It is not necessary that a guardian of photographic excellence will say it is a simple snapshot. I know. But I like and I think many other people may also like.
I wish you all a great Sunday.

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Olympiastadion Berlin by s1000

Anatomy of 75.000 seats // The majestic Olympiastadion of Berlin on a no-game day – originally built by the Nazis for the 1936 Summer Olympics, this stadium still stands as one of the worlds most prestigious venues for sporting and entertainment events and offers close to 75.000 seats.

Today it is the home of the local soccer team Hertha BSC, which I have yet to actually see in action – it seems I prefer having this place all to myself.

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