Autumn’s Farewell by stiann

Overlooking a fjord from a mountain farm in western Norway. It’s a welcome sight seeing the snow creeping down as the fall color fades away. It was a very colorful sunrise and I didn’t add any color to it except what came from minor contrast adjustments. A 180 degree view. For scale, the cliff to the right rises more than 1,700 meters up from the fjord. Also there’s a cargo ship down on the fjord..if you can find it. 🙂

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Lærdalsøyri by toreeideh

Lærdalsøyri is listed as a national “heritage village” and tourists come to see the old city center with its 161 well-preserved wooden houses that date from 1700-1800.[4] Old Lærdalsøyri used to be an important trading port between east and west in Norway. It is located near the head of Sognefjord, one of the longest fjords in Norway, which meant sea-going ships could carry goods deep inland before landing them at the village for the over-land journey into eastern Norway. When i arrived here it was a perfect time to have my shot because of the high water level.This make the reflection of the houses so perfect.

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Into the Wild by stiann

A view into a narrow fjord passage in western Norway. The salt water here is some 200 kilometers / 125 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. Captured only a minute before a heavy rain storm hit.

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