Explore Beyond by Pcoskun

This is an image I took earlier this year while scouting around for wildflowers. I had driven by this area countless times en route to other destinations that have hardly ever paid off. I was about to do the same again when I just decided why not. I pulled off the side of the road and began walking up a hill that dropped back down again. I always thought the views from the road were pretty nice, but when I got to the edge of this canyon I was pretty impressed. It’s a spot not many really photograph let alone visit despite it’s proximity to the road (and how far you feel like walking out). I noticed a few routes that went down to the bottom which I took note of and will check them out when the weather gets a little cooler here in the desert (it’s still 100+ degrees in the desert!). I didn’t think I would get much for sunset, but the light pushed through and just barely reached into my view. It’s a spot I will likely revisit, but I found it to be quite special for my first time checking it out. Sometimes it pays to go rogue…

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Consolation Prize by Pcoskun

Finally, a new image recently photographed in the scorching desert! I was lucky enough to join local photographer and storm chaser Mike Olbinski on a brief chase just south of Phoenix. Mike’s knowledge of storms and weather brought us back and forth to a small cell that we had photographed earlier in the day that produced a handful of lightning strikes and some pretty interesting atmospherics. The cell quickly fell apart and nothing really looked quite interesting. Mike was just about to call it a day when we met up with a few other storm chasers who were nearby. After a little consultation and just about calling it a day, we began to return just from where we came from. The cell seemed to reconstruct itself and began to drop some rain off in the distance. By the time we got back close enough it had come and gone once again. It was just about sunset when we found a spot just off the road to wait out and see if anything would materialize again. It never really built up again like we had seen earlier in the day, but we were still out in the desert under the beautiful skies that began to light up with pinks and oranges. It was one of the better sunsets I have seen of late, and quite a nice consolation prize for not getting much in the way of good storm images.

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Desert Takeover by Pcoskun

This shot may look a bit similar to another shot I posted a few months ago titled “Sonoran Burn”. I took this image just a minute before as I liked how the fallen ocotillo and glowing cholla seemed to tell a story. This area has plenty of ocotillo that are just laying flat on the ground which create some really awesome compositions and leading lines. This was no exception and the fact that the sun was poking between the clouds to light up the cacti was quite a nice compliment. I imagined that the teddy bear cholla were celebrating the defeat of this fallen ocotillo while the tall giants in the upper right were coming in for round two. There is just something about the desert that brings me so much joy and when I can find scenes like this and light like this, well, it’s just like it’s meant to be. Even in the harsh desert, there is so much beauty!

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