Elijah’s Cave by MarkMetternich

Post Processing Video Tutorials

Amazing what one can find if you spend enough time off the beaten path, exploring in the Great Southwest This was stunning to find in a cave.

Thank you for looking and your vote if you feel so led. 🙂

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De Na Zin – New Moon by MarkMetternich

Post Processing Video Tutorials

After spending almost a week scouting, I finally settled on this as my favorite composition for the upcoming New Moon / stars. 


The sky portion of this image was photographed with the A7S at a whopping 51,200 ISO. The land portion was shot with the Sony A7r2 at 3 minutes at 800 ISO. At 800 ISO or even 1600 ISO and 3 minutes (with the A7S or A7r2) you get a clean and quite printable foreground. I chose a white balance that I felt best represented the scene (neutral) and the color variation the camera was picking up. It took me less than a minute to blend in the land (using 2 layers in Photoshop) needing only to match the lands white balance and luminosity with the sky file. Of course radically different noise reduction protocol was used for the two files (a lot in the sky, very little in the land). So many photographers today shoot their night shots in a way that the prints turn our horrible for the land detail. I always work with careful exposure blending so that fine art enlargements can still be made.

Thank you for looking! 🙂

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