Vikurkirkja church at Midnight by YiannisPavlis

The church is located above the village Vik And the town’s 300 residents have been trained to flee to the church on the hill (Vikurkirkja) in the event of flash flooding which could occur if a volcano erupts under the nearby glacier Mýrdalsjökull. .The photo was taken around midnight back in June.Please Visit me on Facebook!. Happy Holidays to everyone around the globe

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Reynishverfi Black sand beach the midnight by YiannisPavlis

This Black sand beach with the basalt columns and those are the weird rock formation that sticks out of the sea called Reynisdrangar ,located in Vik . Luckily after a dull afternoon the sky clear a lot and i was shooting with the midnight sun (it was around midnight). The person that shoots is my young daughter .Please Visit me on Facebook!.

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*** Last Man Standing *** by ShyamaPrasadMishra

Sometimes the Worst Weather Makes The best Shot.

Recipe Behind the Shot:

Three hours of wait for downpour to stop.
No telephoto lens to compress distance.
(Shot with Canon 100 mm Macro)
4 degree outside temperature.
Constant Spray of ice cold water.
A patient wife, agreeing to wait while I kept perfecting the composition.

Benefit of Worst Weather:

Less or almost no crowd, at one of the most popular place in Iceland.
Moody Atmosphere.

Lesson Learnt by Me:
No weather is bad weather.
Learn to Adapt and move on. 🙂

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This is a post with a little reedit.

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Reynisfjara Beach and “Eagle rock” basalt column by YiannisPavlis

Dyrhólaey, South Iceland Arnardrangur Reynisfjara Beach a typical rainy day back in June .Please Visit me on Facebook!.

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Seasons in the Sun by christianlim

lovely morning light on the black beach, wrecked a couple of filters, almost destroyed my camera but was a happy camper, had some really nice takes with the waves going back but I prefer it going front on this scene.

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Nordic Legends by YiannisPavlis

Just offshore from the black sand beach in Vík, the basalt rock formations, Reynisdrangar, stick up out of the Atlantic like fingers. As the folklore goes, these spindly rock formations are actually trolls frozen in time. You see, trolls are night dwellers. They were trying to drag three ships ashore when they were caught in the sunlight and turned to stone.Please Visit me on Facebook!.

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