“Awaking” (at 6 Mile Bend) by MarkMetternich

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Taken hand held, side by side a private workshop client at a unique SW gooseneck location about 500-600 feet down. 

Single Exposure

Sony A7R2

Canon 11-24@11mm


320 ISO

1/50th sec

Minimal Adjustments


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Entity by ScottMcCook

Hey Guys 🙂

This image was taken on a very rainy day in the Karri Forest along Caves road in the South West region of Western Australia.

I had some great success with this image here in Australia and the state and national Print Awards run by the AIPP.

It was a risky image to enter into the print awards because, well, it’s mostly black!! not something that is known to be a winner 😉

I loved the image and decided to enter it, netting a Gold and second place overall in the state landscape awards and a Silver Distinction in the Nationals.

Prior to entering the image I was told by many people that it was risky to enter but quite possibly innovative enough to do well.

For me that’s what I love with such things and images, I’m often creating images that come from some weird wacky place deep within me and this was one of those. I never set out to create this look, I did know I wanted a blurred effect but that was about it, the final image was something that just happened.

That kind of image creation is the most fun I have when in post 🙂


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“Incoming” (at 6 Mile Bend) by MarkMetternich

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Please CLICK ON THE IMAGE for extra sharpness.
You are looking about 1500 feet (457.2 meters) down into a canyon and at an incoming mega monsoon electrical storm, about 3 miles (5 kilometers) away just before it slams into 6 Mile Bend. I hardly had time enough to pull off about 4 series of bracketed exposures before having to run for cover.

A friend of mine leads fishing tours down below and next years “Chasing Monsoon Light” Workshops may include an extra day touring the lower canyon below. 

Single Exposure

Sony A7R2

Canon 11-24@11mm


200 ISO

1/160th sec

Lightning Trigger

Minimal Adjustments


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The full story for those who may be interested:

After spending several weeks in this location scouting and shooting, looking for some special locations and dramatic conditions, I was half way down in the canyon (the canyon here is about 1200 -1500 ft) when I heard a very deep rumbling sound in the far distance. I paused for a moment to see if it would repeat. After it did, I checked the wind direction and then I knew another potentially violent thunderstorm could be on the way. The real question was if I could climb all the way out of the canyon in time to get back to my preferred composition and then to my rig so I could take much needed shelter. 30-40 minutes later, as I reached my rig, armageddon was just beginning to approach the area. My impulse was to dive into my rig (especially after being knocked down by lightning a week earlier on the North Rim) but the other part of me knew there may be an unusual photo opportunity to be had. With my gear on my back, I ran several hundred yards including some modest scrambling to this position and I was greeted with a scene that honestly intimidated me. This monster storm you see (at about 2 miles away – in this photo) was heading straight toward me and I knew it would be on top of me in a minute or two. With my lightning trigger on my cameras hot shoe mount, I set up in less than 45 seconds, shot off about a dozen images, including several lightning strikes, then I RAN back to my rig and dove into it as fury slammed the area.

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Elijah’s Cave by MarkMetternich

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Amazing what one can find if you spend enough time off the beaten path, exploring in the Great Southwest This was stunning to find in a cave.

Thank you for looking and your vote if you feel so led. 🙂

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Colored Hoodoos of Coal Mine Canyon, Arizona by PatrickMarsonOng

Coal Mine Canyon is a lesser known gem tucked in between the border of Hopi and Navajo Indian Reservations, Arizona. A place greatly inspired by jaw-dropping images of Paul Rojas, Guy Schmickle, Joseph Rossbach and Dave McEllistrum. This became one of my must see and visit place because of them and Paul was kind enough to give all the directions on how to reach this place plus a creepy ghost story too! hahaha! You rock man! Owe you one!

Driving down the dirt road, away from the highway made us wonder if it was the right turn-off. No sign of any canyon, just a plain flat and boring field. Then after a few more seconds, there it is!!!!! Mini canyon with multiple layered ravines, cliffs and pyramid-like formations imaginable. Mix of red, orange, grey, brown and black colors complimenting each other. What an awesome view!!

Without the presence of any guard-rails, you are free to roam around and explore the area. Finding a spot to shoot from was easy, well for a person who’s not afraid of heights. It’s always been an awkward feeling for me shooting in such terrain haha! With soft and crumbly edges all over the canyon, it was a crazy-scary experience. No luck with the clouds, went for that intense red-orange glow after sunset.

What intrigues me the most are the ghost stories told by both Native Americans and Anglos about this place. “They claim that on certain nights, when the moonlight dances across the hoodoos, a white mist rises from the bottom of the canyon and forms the shape of a beautiful young woman. The stories say the apparition is that of a young Navajo wife who once walked along the rim of the canyon with her husband and small child, who both fell to their deaths. The grief-stricken wife returned to the spot every night until she died, and now her ghost returns when the moon is full. Miners have also reported they hear “knocking sounds” after dark. Another bit of folklore deals with the Eagle Woman who fell into the canyon and was buried there, but climbed out of her grave and now appears occasionally to frolic in the moonlight. Others believe the ghost is Masaw, an omen of death.”

So……. Night shoot anyone?!? LOL!

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Watons Crescendo by MarkMetternich

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After finishing one of my Ultimate SW workshops in whom excellent professional photographer Kevin McNeal attended, Kevin and I decided to continue the chase for dramatic light. Sitting at McDonalds in Kanab Utah, a violent thunderstorm and torrential downpour struck hard. We quickly checked all our weather apps and Kevin turned to me and said, “It’s going to go over the North Rim dude!” Without hesitation, I said “Lets go!”

We made the North Rim quicker than may be legal, with lightning striking the whole way there. Thinking this was “it” we jumped out at the first turn out and started shooting like crazy. In just minutes we captured tens of lighting strikes (not even using the lightning trigger). After some time I started realizing that this was in fact, not “it” and the storm was actually building and getting more incredible with every passing minute. We both took off to another pullover and continued with the same amazing results.

Finally, after literally hours of shooting at various pull over locations, I decided to make a mad dash to Wotans Throne, my favorite location on the Grand Canyon. As I got there I could not believe what I was witnessing! Rainbows, Mammatus clouds, God rays, fog rolling into the canyon, lightning striking non stop about every 30 seconds, was all building into a monumental crescendo.

In an adrenalized panic I grabbed my Sony A7r, Canon 11-24 and tripod and ran to my favorite spot. Suddenly, before I knew what had happened, I was on the ground literally HIT BY AN INDIRECT BOLT OF LIGHTNING! It happened so fast I did not know what had happened. Although not injured, I was disoriented and terrified for a minute or two. I even got shocked. I ran under a tree and then said to myself, “Mark this is NOT safe at all!” So, I climbed down about 10 feet off the cliff and hid in a small cave / alcove for several minutes to get my head together.

Finally, I said to myself “can you really NOT shoot that?” So, I ran out and began the process of photographing again. Every time I would start hearing a loud ringing/buzzing in my ears, or the small tree next to me start buzzing loudly, I would run back into the alcove. I decided to ditch the tripod for safety and shoot hand held. I also popped the Lightening Trigger on and it began shooting constantly.

Kevin showed up directly above me and we laughed the yelled out in excitement as the sun began to set and the scene went ballistic. There were 4 Japanese girls taking photos with their “point and shoots” and every time the lightening would strike, we would all laugh and yell out in applause. I have been photographing Landscape full time for over 13 years now and this was definitely the most amazing shoot yet. 

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Camping under the stars by MarcBaechtold

Since I have been frequently asked which Tripod I am using when travelling that is strong enough for bigger DSLRs.. It’s this one:


and for Germans: On my blog I ve written an article about it and also about the remote control I am using for night shots (With links) : http://ift.tt/1Fv3D20

Camping under the stars in total serenity at Lake Powell / Utah

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