Alvord Sunrise by Jonkmanphotography

A view of the cracked earth of the Alvord desert in Southeast Oregon. This is two pictures, hand blended for dynamic range using some of my new techniques. Hope you all enjoy and thanks for taking time to look, vote or leave constructive comments.

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Iceberg’s Rush by PatrickMarsonOng

If you’ve been to Iceland then for sure you’ve visited it’s famous glacier lagoon. Here’s a couple of minutes from the lagoon, a place well known as the black sand beach. This place is best for it’s picturesque floating glacier chunks backed by the notorious roaring sea.

I tend to go on an “all out” attitude when shooting. Sometimes I wonder if I’m aiming for the shot that I want or just the thrill of the moment. Here’s braving the roaring waves of the black sand beach, in the best $100 investment I’ve ever made, waders!

if you are planning to visit Iceland anytime soon, check out for their upcoming midnight sun, autumn and northern lights winter tours. As well as for other tours!

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