Coyote Gulch by DustinLeFevre1

It is about a 6 mile hike to get to this point and I recommend doing it as an overnighter. In October the weather was absolutely perfect. There were some deer prints on the river banks, how cool would this shot be with a deer? Oh well, a man can dream.

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All In by Pcoskun

All In- This was one of the better sunsets I could recall as of late. I was fortunate to even have photographed it. While most people line up on the bridge to photograph the iconic watchman and virgin river at sunset, my friend Scotty and I decided to try a different approach. We parked alongside the road and scrambled down to the river crossing one of the many foot bridges there. We both stopped at a spot where the river curved, but I found the water to be a little lackluster in terms of rapids and movement. So I began heading down river and of course just moments before the sky was about to explode. I would find a small opening and scramble down only to find there was no composition there. Finally, with the light just beginning to fire up in orange hues, I found myself climbing over fallen trees hoping not to break a leg or drop my camera. I had to think quick, and noticed a small sandy spot just a few feet from the rivers edge. I carefully made my way into the river and set up my camera. I felt like I was in the zone, I couldn’t move because of how awesome the light was getting. However, when I looked down to my feet I could see nothing but sand. I was slowly sinking into this sandy area in the river. At first I didn’t think much of it, and waited until the final tint of orange was out of the sky. Then when all was said and done, it was time to pry myself out of this sand trap. Carefully using my tripod as trekking pole (not something I like to do), I was able to get one foot out. I had to stretch my leg away from the sand to lodge it between a few river rocks so I could pry my other foot out of the sand. Trying hard not to fall into the water with my gear, I carfully navigated my way to the river bank without harm and without anyone taking video of how awkward I must have looked. At least, I don’t believe there is video… It was nice to have photographed this icon in solitude, away from the masses, and to see this incredible display of light.

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Into the Light by skifast25

This is a reedit of a shot I posted several weeks ago. While I got a good response I have not been pleased with the way it looked. I changed the exposure, highlights, and warmed this one up a tad. I hope you like the results.

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