Caribbean magic.. Cuba by maioriellomarco

A fantastic sunset in Cuba the provence of Holguin.. Cuba a mast visit place ..

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Radicality by msn_9

This is the quality or state of being fundamental, ie: Radicalism.
In Rainy season this year i got lucky to capture this vivid milkyway arc, with intense air glow or known as green sheen, along with orange distant town light noise.
In fact, the message here is to convey is SAVE TREES. Nothing else in entire galaxy can save us except TREES. They are the fundamental entity of survival and existence of life on planet EARTH.

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Seceda by dfrancis2

This viewpoint is one of the most jaw-dropping I have seen. I could have stayed here for hours! I took a lot of shots but I think that this four image panorama is my best.

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Sea power by samards

Big waves crushing on curved stone pier, on stormy weather and vivid sunset, big tide, Saint Malo, France.

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**Not another sunset** by Damian_McCudden_Photography

Hey gang!

Stunning sunset from Coolum Beach, Australia.

Took this image back in June of an absolute ripper of a sunset, Best I’ve ever witnessed.

Thanks for looking, I hope you like this shot.

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