Radicality by msn_9

This is the quality or state of being fundamental, ie: Radicalism.
In Rainy season this year i got lucky to capture this vivid milkyway arc, with intense air glow or known as green sheen, along with orange distant town light noise.
In fact, the message here is to convey is SAVE TREES. Nothing else in entire galaxy can save us except TREES. They are the fundamental entity of survival and existence of life on planet EARTH.

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Seljalandsfoss by frank_delargy

The water was flowing so fast only 0.6 seconds was needed.
You can see the path behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall to the right of the rainbow. Quite a challenge to get a good photo from behind the falls, even with a wide angle lens, due to constant spray and no room to back up. I guess saying anything “foss” waterfall is redundant since foss is Icelandic for waterfall.
Single exposure. Shot with 10 stop ND and CP filters.
Please press M or click on photo as it looks best on black. Thanks for looking and voting. Feedback appreciated.

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