Crown waterfall-Spirit Falls by BogdanVasilic

“””This is a reprocessed file of Spirit Falls, that i’ve posted few days ago.
Something was really off with the waterfall it self,and looks like optics of the lens made some crazy distortion in upper part of the image so i had to warp it out to make the fall look more “straight”, slight crop after that and tad desaturation on the blues. “””

I would name and title this waterfall as the crown jewel of PNW. Crazy 700 ft hike down the goat paths and slippery mossy rocks get you to one of the greatest and not so crowded waterfalls in Pacific North West.
This is a Spirit falls on Washington side of the Gorge, taken in mid morning light at the peak of fall colors.
5 hrs of solitude and peace I had here, drinking my morning coffee, taking photos and so on for couple of hours.
I would love if you could VIEW IT ON BLACK background and explore these juicy shadows.
This is a single raw file, purposly left the highlights a little blown out to keep it as realistic as possible. Standard LR processing with Orton added in PS.
Thanks for stoping bye.

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Radiance by MaxFoster

“Radiance” – Spirit Falls, WA

Here is a shot from Spirit Falls, which has some of the brightest turquoise water I have seen. The falls are popular with kayakers, which is pretty crazy. Check out this video of several kayakers dropping it: Spirit Falls Kayakers

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Turquoise Euphoria by cwexplorationphotography

++check it out in full screen++

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Here’s an image that I’ve been sitting on for a few months. This has definitely become a personal favorite of mine as I’ve been working through it. Hope you enjoy this more unique view of Spirit Falls as much as I do!

Spirit Falls, WA


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Spirit of Adventure by m_jackisch

I love the quest behind the image. The research, planning, scouting, timing. The vision, the patience, the capture, and the execution. So many steps for that one (near) perfect shot, all transparent to the viewer but understood by the fellow photographer. While Spirit Falls wasn’t the hardest place to find or get to, there was some guess work involved and it is aways rewarding to discover a new place on your own. I tried some compositions from the lower area closer to water level but wound up preferring this perspective framed by the Spring foliage. I hope you enjoy.

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Spirit Falls by MitalPatelPhoto

Life is an adventure.. experience it to the fullest, like kayaking down a 33′ waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge. Enjoy!

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