Spirit by jennycameron2

Spirit of Glencoe …Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands, such a magical place but also sad from the massacres of the past.

Thanks in advance to all for taking the time to look. Best wishes to all for 2016.

Jenny ~

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Spirit Falls by blurrr001

Spirit, Falls, WA

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Spirit Falls is great waterfall in Washington, its tucked away a little and fairly unmarked. It has been shot a lot in the last 2 years but rightfully so, it one of the more photogenic waterfalls around. The hike down ( and back up for that matter) is a a mini adventure, a steep calf burning rock garden, and a few mossy rocks to scramble around on, its a short but sweet hike.

Nikon D810
NIkon 24-70
ISO – 100
50 mm

.4 sec water

4 image focus stack & 1 extra for water movement

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Between Body and Spirit by TedGore

My friend TJ Thorne stands in observance of the powerful Spirit Falls on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge. The waters here flow swift and cold with a blue color that looks amazing against the back drop of lush green forest and warm light from above. If only each individuals spirit on this planet could be as beautiful.

TJ and I will be leading a workshop to the Gorge in April of 2016. Interested in going? Check out the details here. Columbia River Gorge Workshop

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Autumn Flame by LindaEdgecombPhotography

Burning fall embers,
Welcome the cold rain,
As drops refresh each leaf
Of the Autumn Flame. …
…..I hope you enjoy my new poem and Autumn image .It was a gorgeous rain yesterday on this red maples.^_^

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Spirit sunset by ccollacott

I recently returned from a two week adventure as a special co-host guest for the OOKA team for the Canadian Panoramic Rockies Adventure. Great bunch and had a great time! Although this location was on the list, it was raining so we never made it. Here is a shot I took last year.

I have to admit it was quite an adventure for me to get out to this location. After some quick research, the two types of boat tours that did take you down the 12km of the lake to get to spirit island would never be at sunset. So I purchased a inflatable boat, headed to the local hardware store, and explained to them my quandry: how to get to the campsite located 11km down the lake (1km from spirit island) and back again without paddling. The staff gave me one huge battery and a trolling motor for the trip. It took about 4 hours but I got there only to notice most people who had docked had at least 4 batteries. One camper who was at the dock looked at my gear and said “wow, you made it here on one batter?!”.

I came to a quick realization that my one battery was a one way trip.. lol.

Sure enough, after shooting at spirit island for sunset (only 1KM away), the battery died on the way back and it was no big deal to paddle the short distance to camp. What I was worried about through was the 11KM trip back to the end of lake. To make matters worse, some new arrivas at the campsite told me that a storm would be moving in on the day I was thinking of leaving (the day after next), and with high winds.. I would likely blow the opposite direction even if I paddled.

As darkness surounded us, all the campers built a nice fire and we all hung out and chatted. I was then lucky to explain my situation to everyone. A nice couple then offered to lend me one of their batteries providing I leave the next day with them (so I could return it). I figured I got my shot and made it back without a sweat.

Lesson: don’t listen to the hardware guy for tips on how much battery power you need!

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The Sun’s Embrace by LindaEdgecombPhotography

Last light of the day on my previous series here at parabolic triangles .different settings and composition on each seconds of light ..^_^ thanks very much dear friends for your inspirations and kindness!! ❤

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