Human-light vs. Sunlight by morganpt

At the turn of the 20th century, Lake Superior’s Minnesota shoreline was a dark and isolated place northeast of Two Harbors. 1905 may have also been the most disastrous year for Lake Superior shipping. The September storm named the Mataafa Blow sank 18 ships along the North Coast. As a result, Split Rock lighthouse was built.

This image is a composite of two images: one shooting directly into the unimpeded sun to create the moody, heavy contrast. The other of the lighthouse to catch the glow.

In conceptualizing this image, I wanted to show the tension between the human-made light vs. sunlight. As you can see, nature always wins.

You can read more about this fascinating place here:

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Elemental Lighthouse by morganpt

Looking for a novel angle of Splitrock Lighthouse, I found this little bunch of rocks along the shore. As the sun greeted us, the small water droplets on the rocks ignited in color. Even the little mosquito on one rock is alight. With this light, this landscape shows wind, earth, water, and fire.

This image is a combination of 6 images. Three are focus stacked on the rocks in front, another shot for the mid-ground, and another for the upper third.

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Lighthouse Warmth by morganpt

As some people may have guessed here at 500px, I am in love with the Splitrock Lighthouse in Minnesota now. This is a hand held stitch of two vertical images at sunrise. Definitely best seen large and on black. Press H and M.

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Beacon of Hope by morganpt

Built in 1910 after many ships ran ashore in the turbulent waters of Lake Superior (29 ships in one storm alone), Split Rock lighthouse was built to protect sailors as they carried their iron ore and other raw materials across the waters.

This was another fun image too, since I was standing in the water to get in and low enough to catch the sun’s glare off of the rocks. It’s three images – one focused on the rocks in the foreground, one on the lighthouse, and one bracketed for the sky. All combined in CS6.

Best view large and on a black background (press H and M)

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Tree of Aurora… by AaronGroen

“Tree of Aurora” by Aaron J. Groen
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6/22/2015 – 10:47:17 PM Kp9 Aurora Borealis over the Eminija burial mounds. Brandon, South Dakota.
Canon EOS 6D body and EF 16-35mmf/2.8 L II USM lens. Single exposure.
@ 10.0 sec; f/2.8; ISO 1600, 16mm

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Split Rock 105th Birthday by morganpt

July 31st was the 105th year celebration of Split Rock Lighthouse’s birthday. Though not taken on it’s birthday, this was it’s birthday weekend!!! This image is several long exposure stitched images, which lends itself to some interesting light / color differentials. I hope you like it!!!

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Shadowman by AaronGroen

The best light show I have ever seen. Kp 9
Taken at Split Rock Park Garettson, South Dakota.

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Fissure by alexnoriega

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Looks best on black. The sun sets behind the monoliths of Split Rock, Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington. If you’d like to photograph scenes like this, consider joining Alex Mody and I on a tour here this September.

Single 1/2 second exposure. I shot a unique composition at this beach earlier in the evening, and that image will come later – but by the time the light and color broke like this at sunset, the tide was far too high to shoot it, and I opted for this now-classic comp.

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