Maldivian Life by willyam

Purple Hour by janneka

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The fine bridge I bumped into while driving towards our base at Split, Croatia. This is a vertical panorama of three photos to get the upper part of the sky and the golden grasses to fit inside the frame.

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Under Rainbow by willyam

© 2015 Vitaliy Sokol
Big picture I sell here:Underwater Sport Postcard. A freediver floating under water surface in ocean. A rainbow appear on cloudy sky over beautiful seascape
Maldives, May-june 2015, home reef, rainbow and girl freediver

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Split Rock by StefanHefele

“Split Rock” – Yosemite NP – USA

What happens when you accidentally hike to a different location while searching for something specific…?! THIS for example. Here I had to make the most of it and was more than happy in the end.
The way back at night was an adventure on its own. Stuffy smoke of a nearby bushfire made breathing difficult and wasn´t necessarily helpful to keep the concentration upright ;-).

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Yin & Yang by janneka

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I drove through this stunning city of Omiš in the coast of Croatia. I had seen like one photo of this viewpoint and thought I will time our way back to our base in Split so that I’m there during the sunset as the direction of the sun was just right.

Disclaimer: the sky was really dull without any clouds so I decided that this one deserves an extra touch. Therefore I blended this with another sky taken at the same time a few nights after to match the potential of this scene.

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The Ocean Is The Life by willyam

© Vitaliy Sokol by the name of Willyam Bradberry

Big picture I sell at stock: Beautiful Half Water Seascape With Sunset in Sky Postcard. Maldivian Sea Turtle Floating Up And Over Coral reef. Loggerhead in wild nature habitat

Tech spec: Canon 5D Mark3 + sigma 15mm + Ikelite housing.
Place: Maldives, Dighurah island, home coral reef, sea turtle in sunset.

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Loggerhead in sunbeams by willyam