Final Leap by WimvandenHeever

This years WPY image.
What a privileged it was to go back for the awards in London.

I had followed this female Leopard for days trying desperately to hunt. She was most unusual using the vast open plains in Etosha to hunt and stalk her prey. What was even more amazing was how short the grass was that she was hunting in. This morning after missing her first hunt due to a change in wind direction I watcher the leopard disappear in the short grass with an approaching big male Springbok ram. I could not believe my eyes when she launched herself only just managing to catch the Springbok in what can only be described as an amazing feat of agility and strength.

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Not Gonna Happen! by chrishpetersen

The dominant springbok ram is putting his best moves on an attractive female. You can tell by her “look” and posture this is NOT Gonna Happen!

Springbok are small antelope that roam most of southern Africa. They are opportunistic breeders, as you can see by this dominant male. If you look closely the ewe, she is still nursing a lamb. She’s not buying his advances, even if he’s the king of the Karoo.
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