A lone Hyena fights off a Wild Dog pack of 8. by africaddict

From an amazing encounter in the Sabie Sands- Sth Africa recently. The cackling/laughing sounds of the hyena coupled with the squalling squadron of wild dog was amazing.
Normally encounters like this are very fleeting, lasting just seconds, with the hyena running off quickly, but this situation was a little different, as the lone Hyena was trapped by the high bank and water with the wild dog flanking it on both sides.
At one stage the hyena viciously bit down on the neck of one wild dog and it let out a an almighty howl, the wild dog started to wear it down by continually biting his rear and it became a battle of attrition and “backs to the wall”, eventually the hyena thought it was better taking his chances with the gaping jaws of a hippo and sit it out in the water.
Wild dog have an inherent fear of water and it’s association with crocs so they kept their distance and eventually got bored with it all and moved off to find other prey.

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