Millennium Bridge: Evolutions by DanMontalbano

It’s not my first time visiting this iconic spot – in fact, if you want to get an idea of how my photography has moved on in the last two years (and hopefully visibly improved!) take a look at the other “Millennium Bridge” picture deeper in my gallery. That one was taken back in 2013 on my old D7000. This one was taken on my D750 using my favourite 50mm 1.4 (a surprisingly great cityscape lens!) and is a blend of five images using luminosity masks.

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Millennium View by DanMontalbano

A runway of electric blue lights lining the Millennium Bridge frames St Paul’s Cathedral, north of the river. One of my favourite spots in this awesome city.

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Millennium Bridge Leading to St. Paul’s Cathedral by roliketto

This is the second shot of the same spot I posted earlier, from my recent trip in London.

If you want to check out previous version, check out this link –

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Millennium bridge leading to St. Paul’s Cathedral by roliketto

This is the shot from my resent trip in London with one of my students Padma Inguva from whom I learned a lot.

Millennium bridge leading towards St. Paul’s cathedral.

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