Desert colors by jean-soula

Bardenas desert, ocotober 2015
Masterclass photo tour Naturavista
Jean-Gabriel Soula

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PodRing 2015 with Wallis Bird by Wilhelmwalter

Pod’Ring Biel: Wallis Bird in concert of 11th July 2015. / Pod’Ring Biel: Wallis Bird Konzert vom 11. Juli 2015.

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The first time Wallis Bird came into touch with music, she was six months old and received her first guitar from her father. Born left-handed, she lost five fingers of her left hand in a lawnmower accident, and having four sewn back on again. She became used to playing a right-handed guitar upside-down, which contributes to her unconventional style of playing (Wikipedia).

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Unfolding in Layers 4 by JaniceMarieMcgregor

Day 4 of this beautiful progress, This Coneflower.. the colors are out more and the petals are starting to turn under! The middle of the flower is so gorgeous that all the insects love to gather the nectar and pollen. As you see on this one there is a small spider right on the edge of the middle and on of the petals resting and getting shade on the bottom part! I hope you enjoy the this photo as much as I do!

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Unfolding in Layers 3 by JaniceMarieMcgregor

Day 3 of my flower progress as requested. Petals are longer and the middle is more Colorful with every day passing. I hope you love this photo as much as I am with each stage!

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