Burning sky… by jean-soula

Playa de la Arnia, Cantabria…
Naturavista workshop, October 2015

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Desert colors by jean-soula

Bardenas desert, ocotober 2015
Masterclass photo tour Naturavista
Jean-Gabriel Soula

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Thunder Of Zeus by albanhenderyckxphotography


Before tell you more.. I’ll tell you a story! My story..

Originally from the shores of the Atlantic, I could have been all my life rocked by the waves but life did I eventually became a city child.
4 years ago, I still had a life of city near the metropolis.. With a good job, a possible purchase project in house. ect.
In my heart, I knew that city life does not suit me.
So I decided to leave everything and I instinctively followed the energy of my subconscious to immerse myself more and more in a world without artifice, nature and the immensity of its landscapes.
I then left wandering alone in nature in total autonomy during long time. That’s when I decided to capture and share my visions to reveal the beauty of nature around us.
I had no claim.. for myself and people around me, live photography remained a utopia, and I suspected that this lifestyle could not last forever.

Of course the positive feedback from people who follow me.. And other publications, conferences, exhibitions and the fact that my photographic eye arouses the interest has always been pleasant.
But this was not enough to make disappear the stress and anxiety at the end of each month.
Although the harsh reality of life caught up with me over the years, I have always continued to believe in my dreams.. I continued to hope to live closer to nature.

A few years ago, I literally fell in love with Iceland.. Ever since I discovered its beauty, I had one wish to live there one day.

Today my dream come true.. I’m going to live in Iceland as early as November 🙂

I will work as a photographer and videographer in the travel agency “Extreme Iceland” composed of an impressive team of passionate nature lovers.
The director of the agency has plenty of experience as a geologist and volcanologist caver for 30 years and he discovered many caves in the lava fields.
The second good news is that we will soon join forces and propose “Photo Tours” and “Photo Workshops” of a new kind, all year round in many photogenic places of the island.
Indeed, the logistics company “Extreme Iceland” will allow us to explore the most remote corners of the island safely, regardless of the season.
Whether aboard a super jeep, helicopter, boat or airplane.. There will be something for all tastes 🙂

I want to thank “GREATLY” people who follow me and friends who support me .. my family, my fiancée, Ronni & Swanni for their sincere friendship, Florent for his help, Bjorn for his confidence, for this incredible opportunity… without you this would have been impossible 🙂

I invite you to discover the fabulous team of “Extreme Iceland” here:


Enjoy 🙂

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Reine, Lofoten Islands by jean-soula

Fjord of Reine, Lofoten Islands…
Photo tour workshop Naturavista, masterclass Jean-Gabriel Soula
©Jean-Gabriel Soula

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End of the day… Lofoten Islands by jean-soula

Last rays in Unstad beach, amazing white sand beach in the lofoten islands…
Workshop photo tour Naturavista August 2015

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The last wave by jean-soula

Whatever the weather… Jokulsarlon, Iceland…
Naturavista Masterclass Iceland 2015
Jean-Gabriel Soula

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