Two Waterlily Sisters by letiand

These are two beautiful waterlily sisters. One is elder and one is younger. They love each other very much :-).

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Infinite stamen by fxkito2

The Ricoh “GR” is the World’s smallest high-class compact both film and digital camera series famous all over the world.

It was good for my photography training to have continued the macro photography of a variety of flower by GR DIGITAL II released in 2007.

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Ovarium by PhilippNickerl

Description of the birth of a lily


Flowers are borne in racemes or umbels at the tip of the stem, with six tepals spreading or reflexed, to give flowers varying from funnel shape to a “Turk’s cap”. The tepals are free from each other, and bear a nectary at the base of each flower. The ovary is ‘superior’, borne above the point of attachment of the anthers. The fruit is a three-celled capsule

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Brilliant by letiand

This is a brilliant daylily. I shot it after a heavy rain at noon. It’s brilliant colors attracted my eyeball immediately.

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beauty in wild by letiand

This is a wild orange day lily. Last week, I drove to upper state of new york and found this kind of flower existed around all the rural places. simple beauty in wild!

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